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    Rugby24 App For iPad

    Along with the arrival of the Rugby World Cup 2011, comes the new Rugby24 iPad app from Media24’s Touchlab. In addition to its many features,  the exclusive app offers material that has not been published in their newspapers. The app features include: Access to the latest news, pictures, match scores […]

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    New Blackberry Bold 9900 now available in SA

    This might just be the perfect Blackberry. Since 2008 RIM has been trying to build the “iPhone killer”, first with the Blackberry Storm and Storm 2, and recently the Torch. While the Storm was not universally liked, the Torch did a lot better because it held on to the one thing that makes a Blackberry a Blackberry – the keyboard. The new 9900 models bring together the great form factor of the Bold series with a new touch enabled Blackberry OS 7 operating system. And now Vodacom has made it available in SA….

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    Why Apple is Right to not support Flash on iOS

    One of the most often criticized ‘flaws’ of the iPad or iPhone for that matter is it’s inability to play flash. How can something described by the Apple marketing gurus as the best way to experience the Internet not allow the user to experience all the joy that comes from watching a kitten dance on youtube or the trailer for an upcoming movie? Friends deciding on which tablet to purchase, would often play around with my iPad but then inevitably ask one of two questions. “But why can’t it play Flash videos?” or ” Where is the USB connection port?”.

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