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    See our Editor’s Picks of the top stories of Bandwidth Blog, covering the gamut of popular technology news – including gadgets, games, science, and more!

    Nokia Officially Unveils New Windows Phones called “Lumia”

    The first leaked images of these phones have been doing the rounds, but now Nokia has finally given us the official specs. Two new Windows Phone devices, the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 will be released, both sporting the latest Windows Phone Mango update, but also sporting very impressive design and specs. Windows Phone 7 has been begging for some decent hardware design to go with it, and Nokia really brought their best.

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    Is Blackberry About to Lose Its Most Loyal Fans?

    In the bigger scheme of things, the 5 days of Blackberry services outages after years of humming along is not that big a deal. It really is a tiny fraction of a relatively stable system that has been very popular worldwide, but perhaps more significantly, growing in popularity in developing markets. The problem is rather that it could not have come at a worse time for Blackberry.

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    iPhone or iPad User? Why you Should Upgrade to iOS5 Right Now

    The iPhone has always had a weird development cycle – Apple has until now always lagged a little behind in terms of features, especially compared to the very quick development cycle of Android. Even though the hardware was first rate, users have stuck by the iPhone primarily because of ease of use and the rich app ecosystem.

    But today Apple has finally given the iOS operating system the shot in the arm it has always needed.

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    Steve Jobs Dead at 56

    What a sad, sad day folks. One of the great technology visionaries of our time have passed away. Steve Jobs was one of the co-founders of Apple, who started the business out of a garage in Silicon Valley. In his early 30’s he was already one running one of the most powerful computer companies, and after a few turbulent years, Apple has grown to become the most valuable company on earth.

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