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    Exclusive: TrustFabric receives investment from World of Avatar to make MXit safer

    Local entrepreneur, Joe Botha’s TrustFabric has received an investment from World of Avatar. WOA recently made headlines with their acquisition of MXit, and this seems to be one of their last investments for a while. TrustFabric, which was founded in 2010, will integrate closely with WOA companies, including MXit to provide […]

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    Building your own Home Server: Part 1, the Hardware

    With consumer’s ever increasing storage needs and the switchover to laptops, the need for a centralised storage area on your home network is becoming more relevant than ever. Sure, we can shift some of that storage to the cloud, but SA’s tragic state of broadband has made this more difficult than it should be.

    Certain media just works better when stored locally. Here is what to get…

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    Review: Blackberry Bold 9900 – The Best Blackberry Yet?

    Modern smartphones have all switched to touch screens, which has made things difficult for RIM. Blackberry fans are typically quite picky about one thing – the keyboard. While the Torch 9800 did a good job of combining a touch screen with a keyboard, there was always a few fans out there who stubbornly chose the Bold for its keyboard–first design. But the Bold 9900 changes that. You can use the using just the keyboard, or run it primarily using touch (except for text entry).

    So is this the ultimate Blackberry?

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    Joburg Commuter? Try Out Traffic Map for Live User Generated Traffic Reports

    Traffic Map uses Google Maps software to identify the best routes for increasingly frustrated commuters, collating information sourced from some of the city’s primary traffic monitors, such as PigSpotter, YFM Traffic and Traffic SA.

    Incidents reported by these sources via Twitter are identified, located and plotted on the map interface, providing users with a dynamic bird’s-eye view of the streets in and around the city.

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