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    January 15, 2018

    NASA awards a new grant for blockchain-related research

    NASA ethereum blockchain

    NASA has awarded a grant to the University of Akron, which will partly be used to research a networking system using the Ethereum blockchain.

    NASA’s new ambitions with projects such as the Deep Space Gateway fell into focus in late 2017, and now the agency has awarded a new grant to the University of Akron which will partly fund a new networking system using the Ethereum blockchain.

    As the agency itself describes, most satellites in proximity to the Earth are ‘tethered’ to control centers on the planet, wherein communication and feedback are exchanged. As satellites venture further into our solar system, developing a network that can provide controllers enough time to adjust trajectories can become problematic.

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    The agency is now exploring a resilient networking system that could enable satellites to self-correct – describing a system where ‘AI and fuzzy logic, working over a swiftly-responding blockchain network’ could essentially enable certain satellites to ‘think’ for themselves.

    The project would ostensibly use the Ethereum blockchain as a decentralized computing mechanism, that could assist satellites in processing a massive amount of data and further improve the efficiency of space communications.

    The project, if fruitful, could essentially ‘free up’ the time of scientists and researchers on the ground, and enable deep-space satellites to become more autonomous in the future.

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