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    January 4, 2016

    LG set to display its rollable OLED panel at CES

    rollable OLED

    LG is set to feature its rollable OLED display at CES; one of the first truly bendable displays that both the company and Samsung are currently producing.

    Last year, both LG and Samsung ramped up the development of its foldable displays, with the later set to incorporate the technology into its upcoming Project Valley smartphone. LG, however, is now set to demo its rollable OLED display at CES this week.

    Bendable displays, which we listed as one of our top tech predictions this year, are set to finally become prominent in the consumer market. LG’s hope with the rollable OLED display is to demonstrate what the company is capable of with with OLED technology.

    LG first announced the display last year, and started that the panel was only 3cm across and featured a 1,200 x 810 pixel resolution. Presently, it is unclear if that has changed.

    Rollable displays could be used to create a skeuomorphic product – a product designed to mimic the aesthetics and feel of something found in real life. A rollable display could, for instance, serve to make a news reader feel like a traditional paper newspaper.

    What are your thoughts on a rollable display? Would you want to see such technology introduced to smartphones, tablets and more instead of curved screens? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

    Source: LG

    Listen in to our latest podcast!