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    October 9, 2017

    iFrogz Impulse Wireless Review: Affordable and wireless collide

    ifrogz impulse wireless review

    A lightweight, affordable and comfy in-ear wireless headphone? We delve deeper in our full iFrogz Impulse Wireless review

    Forget about all the expensive wireless earphones out there. Forget about the Apple Airpods, Google’s new Earbuds or the AKG’s of this world. If you haven’t heard about iFrogz, you’ve missed out. Read on in our iFrogz Impulse Wireless Review to find out more.

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    iFrogz has carved out its niche in the headphone market by making relatively inexpensive headphones that perform as well or better than other cheap headphones. This set only costs about R530, and at this price it undercuts most other players in the market while still trying to deliver good sound quality.

    Like iFrogz’ earlier wireless in-ears, this model is built aroun the company’s signature wireless hub, which features a magnetic clasp and houses the battery, microphone, all the electronics and all the controls. It is a simple, yet clever design, as it allows you to attach it to your shirt but also keeps the cord wrapped around the remote when you’re not using it.

    The design is fairly simplistic, but for unexplained reasons I’ve really come to like it. Out of the box you also get a couple of different sized tips, which means you won’t have issues fitting it in your ears no matter your dimensions.

    Battery life has been surprisingly good, easily getting 10 hours of listening from a single charge (another advantage of the wireless hub).

    Now, this all sounds great thus far, but what does it actually sound like? As you can imagine, at this price you’re not buying a state of the art headset. This device is not meant for the audiophile or person that needs to listen to the top notch music audio around.

    When listening to music, the single-driver headphones won’t blow you away with quality. If that’s what you are looking for you may be disappointed. That being said, I’ve been using it to listen to music intermittently, which has been fine. It has been perfect for listening to podcasts and Youtube videos.


    If you are in a pinch and looking for Bluetooth headphones, these are for you. If you don’t need the best audio quality when listening to music, this is for you. If you listen to a lot of non-music audio content this buy is a no-brainer in my opinion.

    The convenience of not being tethered to your phone or other electronic device all the time is always a positive, and at this price it’s as positive as Laa-Laa being tickled by Tinky Winky while Dipsy is watching on laughing (although I now realise that’s a scary thought).

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