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    November 13, 2015

    ‘Biohackers’ install LEDs into their hands

    Bringing a whole new meaning to having a lighter touch, a group of three people dubbed the ‘Biohackers’ have taken the literal step of inserting an LED into their hands.

    The group, who had the device implanted at the Cyborg Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, undertook a short surgical operation that lasted only 15 minutes. When activated by magnet, the LEDs light up.

    The LED worn by the Biohackers, named the ‘Northstar V1’ chip, was developed by Grindhouse Wetware; a collective of programmers, engineers and enthusiasts who aim to combine the development of wearable technology along with the popular trend of body modification, such as tattoos or piercings.

    For those who question the ultimate purpose of the LEDs, Grindhouse Wetware explains that “the device for us at Grindhouse is the first step toward a higher biology, and a step toward human-computer interfaces. We want to ensure that the future of technology is in your hands, affordable, and easy to obtain.“

    Further, Grindhouse Wetware are also developing an upgraded wearable V1 chip, which would bring “œrechargeability that adds gesture recognition and Bluetooth capabilities, enabling users to control electronic devices with hand movements, as well as add patterns or color variations to LED.“

    Would you be willing to install the Northstar V1 into your hand, as you would add a tattoo or piercing to your body? Do you agree with the Biohackers’ decision? Vote in our poll below!

    Source: I F#cking Love Science


    Listen in to our latest podcast!