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    How do investors store Bitcoin?

    Ripple escrows 55 billion xrp

    While many investors have taken the plunge and have made the decision to buy cryptocurrencies, securing one’s wealth is always of utmost importance – and, similarly to holding large amounts of paper money, holding bitcoin involves taking several precautions. While some might be content to leave their bitcoins on an […]

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    How does Bitcoin work?

    bitcoin cash hard fork

    Few subjects are as hotly debated – and as seldom understood – as Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin serves as peer to peer money and is not controlled by any central authority. Bitcoin, as both a currency and a financial system all on its own, eliminates the need […]

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    How is Bitcoin valued?

    bitcoin gold

    Bitcoin’s price has made momentous gains over the past two years, which has driven intense media speculation and hype that has done much to create an air of mystery and suspense around digital currencies. Those who have made the decision to buy Bitcoin years ago might well have become millionaires […]

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    Should I invest in Bitcoin?


    Bitcoin has hit international headlines both for the fact that it has, in recent history, reached skyrocketing highs and plummeting depths – fueling a volatile depiction in the media that has only increased skepticism around the role of digital currency. However, Bitcoin still remains an interesting investment and, thanks to […]

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    Is Bitcoin money?

    bitcoin okex hacked

    While Bitcoin might chart up news rankings for the fact that it has empowered early investors to become cryptocurrency millionaires overnight, many have questioned just how the new paradigm is designed to operate as a worldwide currency and as a new monetary system. Fundamentally, Bitcoin is a peer to peer […]

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    Is Bitcoin a scam?

    cryptocurrency market 50% drop

    In the past several months, there are few terms that have grown in popularity as much as ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Blockchain’ have. With furore and frenzy growing with each major price movement – and believers and naysayers amassing, accordingly – it can be difficult to ascertain exactly what these new technologies […]

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