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    November 2, 2017

    As Bitcoin booms, the Winklevoss Twins’ investment could close in on $1 billion dollar value

    winklevoss twins bitcoin investment

    As Bitcoin’s value rockets past the $100 billion USD mark, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss could have made over $1 billion USD on their massive investment.

    In 2013, internet entrepreneurs and sibling duo Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss purchased a mammoth one percent of Bitcoin’s total supply – in excess of some 120,000 BTC. As of today, that holding may already be worth more than $1 billion USD.

    The news comes both as Bitcoin rockets past a $100 billion USD value, and the price of individual coins has soared past the $6900 USD mark at the time of writing.

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    The Winklevoss twins first publicly disclosed their investment in 2013, citing their interest in the cryptocurrency’s potential. In a Reddit AMA, the duo elaborated that:

    “We first learned about Bitcoin in 2012. Perhaps where you’d least expect — on an island off the coast of Spain in the middle of August. Our first impression was that this was either going to be really big or a complete zero. We were immediately taken in by Bitcoin’s elegance and enormous promise, and as we started to learn more, we became convinced that Bitcoin was the future of money.”

    The twins themselves have indicated that they continue to hold their shares in the cryptocurrency – storing hardware wallets in various safes around the globe.

    However, the twins’ 2013 investment is not the limit of their involvement inc cryptocurrencies – both Cameron and Tyler proceeded to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini, in late 2015.

    The Winklevoss twins’ portfolio may only be second in comparison to the elusive founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, who reportedly holds some one million Bitcoins in a known address.

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    What are your thoughts? Who could we expect to see among a growing list of Bitcoin billionaires in the near future? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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    Source: CoinTelegraph

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