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    April 18, 2017

    FNB’s app now uses augmented reality to help users find eBucks retail partners

    FNB augmented reality

    FNB has updated its mobile banking app to include an augmented reality feature to help customers locate eBucks retail partners.

    Pokemon Go might have popularized the idea of using augmented reality to hunt down something you’re after, but now FNB has released its own augmented reality feature for the purpose of helping customers locate eBucks retail partners.

    Augmented reality – or mixed reality – serves to overlay digital information over reality. Pokemon Go, for example, overlayed Pokemon (rendered by the app) over the physical world, which was captured through a smart device’s camera.

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    FNB’s eBucks Partner Locator, then, uses augmented reality to direct consumers to eBucks retail partners; merchants who accept FNB’s rewards program as payment.

    The addition of augmented reality to the banking platform wasn’t the only update that the firm managed to squeeze in; another new introduction is the presence of FNB TV.

    The TV feature aims to collate a series of instructional videos directed to alleviate common problems experienced by customers. On the subject, the bank commented that “We have analysed common customer enquiries at our branches and contact centres, and have very short videos available on FNB TV to help them find quick solutions.”

    The latest version of the app includes the ability to view and pay traffic fines, search for messages, and, lastly, adds the ability to block or unblock credit or debit cards.

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    What are your thoughts on the new features in FNB’s banking app? Should innovation come from banks themselves – as in this case – or from ‘over-the-top’ platforms such as Root? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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