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    Google debuts Android for Work

    In December last year, Apple announced a new partnership with IBM to supplement the iPhone and iPad’s role in Enterprise. Now, in February 2015, Google has released its own reply in the form of Android for Work. The move, not only in response to Apple’s interest in enterprise, will pit Google […]

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    This is how Amazon is handling the Christmas rush

    You can just imagine the chaos that is an Amazon warehouse at this time of the year. Thousands upon thousands of Christmas gifts, just waiting to be sent off to their respective recipients. This “˜Christmas rush‘ has prompted Amazon to enlist some external help to help them cope with the […]

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    appLOUD – an app that will help musicians make money

    As a musician, solo artist or band, you  essentially only have two ways of making money; album or single sales and of course, through ticket sales from live performances. Unless you‘re a mega popstar or legendary rock band, these two ways of making money is your only bread and butter. […]

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