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    February 17, 2014

    Motorola CEO departs for Dropbox

    Motorola‘s CEO Dennis Woodside has confirmed that he will be leaving the company. Often when large companies are acquired by others, the CEO is the first to get shown the backside of a door, and in Lenovo‘s acquisition of Motorola it proved to be the same. Less than two years after taking over the position from Sanjay Jha, who ran the company before the Google acquisition, Woodside is stepping down to become the first COO of Dropbox.

    It raises some questions over Motorola‘s drive in the past couple of years to make their devices high-end and affordable, which was Google‘s vision for the company. Whether or not Lenovo keeps up with this strategy remains to be seen, but we certainly hope they do.

    Dropbox have a great new employee, however, and we will follow the cloud service with even more interest in the year to come to see where they are headed.

    Source: Motorola

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!