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    One Year Later: Uncapped Internet – A blessing or curse for the average user?

    One year down the line and Mweb’s promise is still true! Users are able to download as much bandwidth as they desire and most of their users get away with it but there is a select few that have been sent emails and been called asking them to either download less or be disconnected for abuse. In my opinion this is a fair practice. ISP’s all over the world who have been offering uncapped packages for years are now restricting their clients to a specific amount of data a month because there is a small percentage of users who abuse the system and download anything they can find to their hearts content. Some users in South Africa are downloading over 500GB+ a month on their uncapped packages and I don’t believe this is necessary. Just because you are paying for uncapped it doesn’t mean you should download 24/7 just because you can. How do you even consume 500GB of data in a month (and how much of that piracy)?

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