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    Review: New FNB App sets standard for mobile banking in SA

    Technologically FNB really has no equal in the South African banking space. They have an excellent internet banking platform (integrated with share trading and investment platforms), they offer several innovative mainstream products like card-less withdrawals and cellphone transfers, their use of Twitter is unparalleled (check out @RBJacobs), they have (mostly) figured out how OTP’s should work, they provide the only PayPal service in SA and they even operate as a VASP providing ADSL and VOIP services through FNBConnect. The list continues…

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    Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v (P7100)

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v (also known as the P7100) is a piece of hardware with an unfortunate story behind it. That little extra “v” means that this Vodafone exclusive differs from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that will start appearing on South African shelves in the next month or two. Will you be worse off with the 10.1v than the retooled, sleeker 10.1?

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    Livestreaming The Bang Bang Club press junket with TwitCasting for iPhone

    TwitCasting website

    Working as a Creative at Etiket provides some opportunities to deploy technology in innovative ways. As part of a campaign that we are running for The Bang Bang Club film, we were given an interview slot with some of the cast and crew from the film and I came up with the idea to livestream our interview questions from my iPhone. Indigenous Film Distribution approved the concept and we conducted a few proof of concept tests.

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