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    Bryan Smith

    Tech journalist, podcaster, photographer, filmmaker, and general manager of Bandwidth Blog. Follow Bryan on Twitter: @bryansmithSA

    Sony announces Xperia C4 and C4 Dual

    Today, Sony made a quiet announcement – a successor to the firm’s mid-range Xperia C3 will arrive later this year in the form of the Xperia C4 and C4 dual. Sony has confirmed that both handsets, citing the popularity of the Xperia C3, will be available in South Africa.

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    Rumour: iPod refresh imminent

    According to recent reports, a source closely linked to Apple’s product plans has cited that the Cupertino company’s iPod lineup – specifically, the iPod touch – are expected to be updated later this year. While the source in question couldn’t state with certainty, the rumour suggests that Apple might retain […]

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    Google readying its own cellular service

    Fresh from introducing many major US cities to high-speed internet through its Google Fiber programme, Google appears to be developing its own cellular network, according to a new report. The network, which the company is allegedly developing for exclusive use with the company’s Nexus 6 handset, will apparently only charge […]

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