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    January 11, 2017

    WhatsApp’s newest beta brings better GIF support – ready your memes

    WhatsApp gif support

    WhatsApp’s newest beta version has introduced a built-in GIF search engine aboard Android, courtesy of GIF sharing platforms Giphy and Tenor.

    If you’ve used WhatsApp on iOS in recent months, you’ll no doubt have launched GIF assaults through the built-in search engine found within the app. Now, months after that feature debuted on Apple’s mobile operating system, the instant messaging company has brought that same capability to Android.

    Available now in the latest WhatsApp beta –  version 2.17.6 – users will be able to search GIFs through both Giphy and Tenor. Found through accessing the emoji button to the left of the text field, users can search for particular GIFs by text.

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    The update further increases the limit for sharing multiple media items; while users could previously send up to 10 images, that limit has now been increased to 30.

    The update completes the GIF handling abilities of the Android version of the popular messaging client, which has up until now limited users to sending GIFs already on their device or through a third party solution such as Gboard.

    The update is one of several to the WhatsApp platform in recent months. In conjunction to security-focussed additions such as the introduction of end-to-end encryption, the chat app now includes support for both voice and video calling.

    The next update for the platform – which is reportedly still in the development stage – involves introducing a Snapchat ‘Stories’ style feature dubbed ‘Status‘, through which users will be able to leave self-destructing images and videos for their contacts to see.

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    What are your thoughts on the arrival of dedicated search engines such as Tenor and Giphy to the Android version of WhatsApp? Do you plan to send more GIFs as a result? Be sure to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

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