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    January 11, 2016

    From the founder of Vine comes Peach, a new social network


    A new social network, named Peach, lets users share media and use ‘magic’ words to express themselves in entirely new ways online.

    It’s not everyday a new social network successfully penetrates the internet, but that’s exactly what happened in the form of Peach – new online experience from the founder of Vine.

    While most of us have already become comfortable browsing through 7 seconds of entertainment through Vine, Peach is a unique network which takes cues from both Twitter and the likes of Facebook Messenger.

    Peach allows users to post photos, GIFs, videos, links, the weather, one’s location, and even how many steps a user has taken in a particular time frame.

    Similarly to Slack, the new social network also has ‘Magic Words’, which, while not being Please nor Thank You, opens additional functionality.

    For instance, typing “shout” in the app allows users to write in letters on a coloured background with an emoji, while typing ‘draw’ lets one do as one would expect; draw images and send them to friends.

    The social network has promised that more ‘Magic Words’ are on the way, which aim to give users inspiration if stumped while trying to come up with a suitable post.

    Peach is now available on the iOS App Store, and there is presently no indiaction as to whether we can expect an Android version.

    Would you use Peach? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

    Download Peach from the iOS App Store here.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!