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    May 31, 2012

    Plascon launches InspireME app for colour inspiration and expert advice

    Plascon has officially launched InspireME,  its very own mobile app that provides colour inspiration and expert paint advice from your mobile phone.

    The iPhone app was made available in Q3 of 2011 and was followed by the launch for BlackBerry, Nokia and Android OS devices in early 2012. The app which became officially available in all app stores from the end of April 2012, had already been downloaded more than 6, 500 times, highlighting the enthusiasm with which people were responding to its availability.

    Through its three key features Identify, Guide and Colours the app allows users to identify and browse through colours in the Plascon range and receive advice on products, surfaces and common paint problems. Basically, it’s everything you need when it comes to home decor and DIY without having to visit a Plascon store and talk to a consultant.

    The Identify feature enables users to identify a specific colour, without having to sift through hundreds of colour cards in the Plascon range, from their mobile phone. If you happen to see a colour somewhere, anywhere that you like, just take a photo and then click on the section in the image you want to use. The app will find the closest matching Plascon colour, together with adjacent colour options nearest to the shade. Of course, the app relies on the quality of the photo taken and so a poor quality image may result in a slight variation between the colour in the photo and that which is recommended.

    Another useful tool available in the feature is its ability to find complimentary colours to mix and match colours on your walls and surfaces in much the same way an interior designer would.

    With the diversity of surfaces and product variety available, choosing the correct paint can be quite complicated. The Guide feature is designed to help users who are planning their own DIY projects to make quick and easy decisions. With this feature, the app will prompt you to choose the surface you want to paint and where it is in your home and then provide the correct product options. As a result the paint you purchase and use will give you long lasting results.

    The Guide feature also gives advice about common paint problems such as moisture and cracks and provides tips on how to get rid of and prevent them.

    If you just want to browse all the available colours in the Plascon range you can do that too with the Colours feature. If you come across a specific colour you like, you can add it to your Favourites gallery where it will be stored for future reference.

    Lauren Shantall, Social Media and PR Manager at Plascon says “From identifying a shade, creating a colour gallery for inspiration as well as taking the tough out of the technical, this go-to app gives users information on types of paint surfaces and painting troubleshooting at the press of a button. The handy insight ensures the paint you buy is perfect for the intended application. The app takes the guess work out of choosing paint and puts the user in control.”

    The app is available for free download at plasconinspireme.mobi or plasconinspireme.co.za and through various app stores. The app is compatible with Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices.

    Listen in to our latest podcast!