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    How to: Buy iTunes Vouchers

      To access all the apps that the Apple iTunes store has to offer from outside the US, you’ll have to purchase vouchers online. Before you can do this you need to create a US iTunes account. For step-by step instructions to create your account click here. iTunes vouchers are a replacement […]

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    Facebook churns out secret iPad App

    Count us fooled. A few days ago Facebook did a seamingly normal little update to its iPhone app – only to have Techcrunch figure out that it contains the secret iPad version of the Facebook app. A while back Mark Zuckerburg said they will not build an iPad app, because it is not a “mobile device”. Despite recent mumblings of Facebook switching its focus to HTML5 only development (Project Spartan), it looks the FB developers have indeed been very busy with a great looking new Facebook for iPad app.

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    Livestreaming The Bang Bang Club press junket with TwitCasting for iPhone

    TwitCasting website

    Working as a Creative at Etiket provides some opportunities to deploy technology in innovative ways. As part of a campaign that we are running for The Bang Bang Club film, we were given an interview slot with some of the cast and crew from the film and I came up with the idea to livestream our interview questions from my iPhone. Indigenous Film Distribution approved the concept and we conducted a few proof of concept tests.

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