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    August 4, 2017

    Trump’s White House appeals to Apple, Amazon & Oracle to modernize federal agencies

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    Donald Trump’s administration has appealed to the likes of Apple and Amazon to help modernize the way US federal agencies leverage technology.

    Donald Trump has thus far enjoyed both a checkered election campaign and presidency, and has previously seen fit to integrate himself in both gaining the advice of leading technology firms and coercing some to build manufacturing plants in the US.

    Trump’s latest foray into technology, however, comes from his administration at the White House, which Recode reports has reached out to leading firms such as Apple, Amazon, Oracle, and Qualcomm in an effort to gain their sport in modernising federal agencies.

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    Jared Kushner, one of Trump’s senior advisors, has confirmed that the White House plans to form ‘centers of excellence’ teams that would focus on reducing regulation while encouraging federal agencies to get on board with cloud computing – all with the view of sharing more data with the private sector.

    Kushner, alongside aides from the Office of American Innovation, has asked the technology industry for help in a system that Recode asserts could lead to some tech giants advising the government on how to tackle some of the United States’ digital challenges.

    The program is reported the next phase of efforts to modernize the American government; earlier this year, Trump convened a gathering of chief executives from leading technology companies at the White House that included the likes of Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

    Sources have claimed that an extensive list of technology firms have expressed their interest, or have at least been involved in talks with Trump’s government – including Apple, Google, IBM, Intel, Mastercard, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

    A formal gathering will likely take place in the months to come, once preliminary discussions have lifted off the ground. It remains to be seen how the Trump Administration will combine its plans with other such initiatives, such as 18F; the program launched by US President Barack Obama to improve the methods through which federal bureaucracy procures and uses technology.

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    Source: Recode

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