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    January 19, 2017

    Apple reportedly goes all-in and readies a second generation Apple Pencil

    second generation apple pencil

    Apple has reportedly issued the production of a second generation Apple Pencil which could work with forthcoming iPad and iPhone models.

    According to rumours emanating from Apple’s supply chains in Asia, the Cupertino company has reportedly issued the production of a second generation Apple Pencil which would debut in March this year.

    While details are presently scarce on what could set a new Apple Pencil apart from its predecessor, it is imagined that the device would work alongside new iPhone and iPad models which would sport new software features to make full use of the stylus.

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    Apple has previously filed patents depicting new antenna technology and the introduction of a magnet that would allow an Apple Pencil to grapple on to an iPad’s body when not in use – similar to how the Surface Pen can be stored on the side of a Surface Pro or Surface Book.

    While Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been bullish about the necessity for an Apple-branded stylus – in fact going to so far as to say that the Apple Pencil is ‘not just a stylus’ – the company has placed little emphasis on marketing the device beyond the current iPad Pro lineup.

    The report corroborates earlier mentions that Apple’s iPad line is due for a refresh, wherein one iPad Pro model would benefit from a near-bezeless design, where a Touch ID sensor could effectively be housed underneath glass rather than requiring a distinct module to function.

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    What are your thoughts? Would you have any inclination to purchase an Apple Pencil if the stylus worked with the iPhone in addition to the iPad? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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