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    July 31, 2015

    New Apple TV slated for September

    Right on the beat following the release of its own music streaming service, a new report has indicated that Apple intends to announce a new Apple TV at its September event.

    The report indicates that Apple intended to unveil the new set-top box at WWDC, but postponed the announcement until September.

    All indications point to the Cupertino firm making use of the iPhone 6’s A8 processor – presently, the current Apple TV uses an under-clocked A5 processor.


    The present Apple TV was introduced in 2011

    Additionally, a recent patent indicates that Apple has established some form of touch interface for the next Apple TV, which might take the form of an iPhone app, or an entirely new multi-touch remote.

    It is suspected that a new Apple TV would come equipped with a ‘dramatic’ increase in internal storage, potentially indicating the addition of a dedicated Apple TV app store.

    It is also expected that a new Apple TV might bring Siri into the lounge for easy integration through HomeKit – Apple’s software development kit for home automation.

    Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple was in talks with major US networks, including Fox, ABC, and CBS, with the intention of securing channels such as ESPN and FX for its own TV streaming service.

    It is presently alleged that Apple intend to bring over 25 channels to its own streaming service, which will work across multiple devices, including the iPad, iPhone, and OS X.

    The streaming service is expected to be priced at $30-40 USD per month ““ a steep premium compared to other popular streaming vendors such as Netflix, which charges an $8.99 dollar subscription for new members.

    What are your thoughts on Apple’s rumoured TV streaming service? Would it prove a capable contender to likes of Netflix, or prove as controversial as Apple Music? Let us know in the comments below!

    Listen in to our latest podcast!