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    August 21, 2017

    Hollywood studios push for iTunes to rent major films just 17 days after debut

    iTunes movie rental

    According to reports, major Hollywood studios are pushing forward with a plan to offer iTunes movie rentals just 17 days after a title’s theatrical release.

    The three month wait for a movie title to become available as a digital download might soon become a thing of the past, as Bloomberg reports that several major Hollywood studios are pushing ahead with a plan to see theatrical content appear on iTunes within just 17 days of worldwide release.

    Bloomberg reports that Universal Pictures and Warner Bros are locked in talks with distributors such as Apple and Comcast to push ahead with the concept despite the numerous outcry from theater chains.

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    Supposedly, iTunes could – in the near future – offer direct access to major films 17 days after their debut for a premium fee; Bloomberg cites that early access after 17 days could see iTunes charge a $50 USD rental fee, while films four-to-six weeks from debut could service a $30 USD rental charge.

    The move comes amidst both a continuing decline in DVD sales and could well see revenue boosted past the typical $10 – $15 USD fee consumers in the US pay when heading to their local cinema.

    The news follows on from reports issued in December of 2016, which claimed that 21st Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros had all expressed interest in creating a $25 – $50 USD premium movie product with Apple.

    Interestingly, it would appear that Disney – which recently announced its plans to sever ties with Netflix and launch its own digital streaming service – hasn’t expressed any interest in pursuing negotiations with Apple or other vendors.

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    What are your thoughts? If films became available on iTunes just 17 days after premiere, would you pay a premium fee to access them? Would you still head to your local cinema? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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