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    November 26, 2012

    Shoprite Checkers releases EeziCoupons App

    Checkers is the first SA retailer to enable consumers to get instant shopping discounts on their cell phones, which can be redeemed at Shoprite and Checkers stores.

    Shoprite Checkers hopes that EeziCoupons, which are available in the Checkers SA app, will revolutionise outdated paper coupons. They are available to all South Africans to enhance the consumers‘ shopping experience and bring considerable savings to consumers.

    Getting the mobile coupons is easy –  consumers simply need to view coupons on their cellphones, purchase those products in store and enter their one unique code, called a WiCode at the till‘s pin pad in the store.

    The total discount will then automatically be taken off their total shopping amount, and they will see their savings at the bottom of their till slips.  Consumers will have access to thousands of rands worth of savings with one easy code on their cellphones for all coupons available““ no printing or cutting is required. Offers are also continually updated.

    Whitey Basson, CEO of the Group, said of the innovative coupons that digital technology ““ in particular smartphones ““ has made consumers even more powerful than before. “œIt offers consumers a multitude of choice, information, and access to bargains. It is also a new and more affordable channel for entertainment and retailers must keep pace.”

    “œAffordable smart phones and tablets brings a new era of mass personalisation which means retailers need to think and act in a multichannel way. We can‘t just deliver what consumers want today, but we have to anticipate how to meet their needs tomorrow,“ he said.

    This initiative allows Shoprite and Checkers to consolidate their rich customer data on shopping preferences into a single data repository. It allows the group to communicate targeted relevant offerings based on consumers‘ preferences without the significant start up and incentive costs of a loyalty card.

    EeziCoupons are also available on a number of  Shoprite Checkers‘s digital channels including USSD, mobi sites, websites and Facebook. The app also provides helpful tools that make it easier to shop and save, such as latest deals, how to find your nearest stores, store hours and a shopping list for extra convenience.

    The EeziCoupons are made possible through the integration of the WiCode platform (a product of WiGroup) at the supermarkets‘ point of sale.  The technology also enables future potential applications such as the enablement of mobile money transfers and mobile payments at the till points.

    The app can be downloaded on the Apple Appstore and BlackBerry AppWorld, and the vouchers can also be viewed and redeemed using the mobisite at m.checkers.co.za.

    Consumers can access the coupons through the following channels:

    Checkers Mobi ““ m.checkers.co.za

    Shoprite Mobi ““ shoprite.mobi

    Checkers USSD – *120*885#

    Shoprite USSD – *120*569#

    Checkers Facebook  – https://www.facebook.com/checkerssa

    Checkers Web site ““ www.checkers.co.za

    Update: The new EeziCoupons app has since reached the number one spot in the South African App Store for free apps. 


    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • No Android app?

      • Charl Norman

        Our sources tell us the Android app is coming soon. Sit tight.

      • Yes, No Android app! CHECKERS give it to the iPhone users that’s “broke” and need coupons! !! All those Sandton ladies will use their coupons at the till!!!! (sarcasm!)

        Checkers wants to innovate but give the benefit to the top 5% of mobile users (iPhone) ….. Blackberry users in the segment that need it!! Is not being educated about this!!

        • Vix

          I know this is a late answer, but I have to agree with you. Im surprised that they have launched into a market that the richer can afford – especially as its checkers (a cheaper store). I have an iphone and am getting great savings at checkers, but I tell my friend about it – she is a granny looking after her grandkids and she cant access the savings because she has an old phone? This is not helping the poor who genuinely cant afford a smart phone.

    • Aap

      “significant start up and incentive costs of a loyalty card”…

      What they won’t tell you is that they have been running a program in their Shoprite stores , where Shoppers get free airtime with purchases – this program has been running for more than 2 years and have managed to build a database of millions of people that are now going to be targeted for coupons and other targeted offers.

    • GregB

      Tidy execution – I’m surprised.

    • Lutherian

      Very nice, but here’s the thing. We’ve reached the point where every store has a loyalty card system. But what this actually means, is that, if you don’t sign up with each store, you get a sort of “tax” built in to your purchased. (no matter what way you look at it – you pay more if you don’t sign up) – So where this is heading is … “you will all be in a database where we will build up a profile of your life style and spending habits…. or you can keep your data private, but then you’re going to pay extra.” Clicks stores, for example, (like many others) requires your ID number to be registered. I love the idea of loyalty card and things like this – as long as the membership is anonymous and not linked to my ID number.

    • I tried to load the checkers app on my iPhone but the icon has frozen and won’t respond.

    • Mr_popular

      This is the new era of information gathering and harvesting. All these spending habits of people are being collected to maintain a database on how you spend and save your money. All the stores link to one “major database” to build a profile on each and every citizen to analyze the risk factor when you apply for credit at banks, take cars at avis, phones on contract or clothes at me price and edgars. This information is always accumulating with every purchase or order and is useful to try tailor suit individuals but can be a bad system cause it ultimately categorizes people in brackets they may not want to be in.

    • Mark Lockwood

      Chekcers claim first in Africa….a bit misleading? Our client and I were doing an identical campaign with Shoprite Checkers a year and a half before this came out in all 600 stores. The marketing dept literally and knowingly has taken our wireframes and even the jpeg images and categories and have copied them almost item for item. This seems to happen more and more with big co’s using the small guys IP without any remuneration. The claim is brazen indeed.

      • Vix

        You should take legal action

    • lorraine

      hi must agree these coupons are nice, but if you don’t have a computer or phone to access them what does that help the old age pensioners and the
      poor who are battling to just buy the basic food stuffs.

      Also why don’t you show the actual price of the goods instead of saying you
      saving R 10.00 ( for example) how do we know we saving, When you could
      actually add that amount to the price therefore you are not actually loosing
      on the price of goods

      Pick and Pay Hypermarkets have pensioners coupons as well as you get
      points for using your card. Why doesn’t shoprite / checker bring out a
      card as well. Some Pick and Pay stores have a Pensioner’s day were you
      get a discount as well as points

      Better still why don’t your stores once a month cut the price of basic food stuffs
      in half so that the pensioners poor people can at least save a bit, and maybe they would then be able to afford to buy themselves a special treat i.e. a choc

      I think Checkers / shoprite are not really trying to help the people this is
      just an advertising trick to get people to buy at your stores.

      I have being to several branches of shoprite / checkers and I have never
      seen any people using your coupons, and I am talking about all areas

    • Jess

      What about physical paper coupons to be posted or mailed… to be printed?



    • Michelle

      This coupon idea is great. .

      What i want to know is if i pick up lets say 3 boxes of cereal{available on coupon} do i still get the discount with eezicoupons on all boxes or the discount only applies to one box?

      As in can i take 3 boxes and still save money or i have to pay full price for the other two boxes