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    August 4, 2015

    Apple patent might solve sapphire requirements

    Sapphire glass has been the holy grail component for Apple over the past couple of years. The company has been trying their utmost to replace all glass on their phones with this material. To date, due to the exorbitant cost of the material, they haven’t gone beyond the TouchID controls, and the primary camera lens. By now we already know the hole drama with GT Advanced a few months ago, sending Apple‘s plans to a dramatic halt.

    Apple has had success with the Apple Watch and Watch Edition and may just have something more up their sleeve. Apple has very recently patented a new system will use sapphire glass for smartphone displays and also achieving the thinness required. This is done through irradiating the sapphire crystal and then using a laser and “œsecond gas medium“ to slice it. The patent states that sapphire is second only to diamond in its strength, but the problem is that a small defects in the surface or edge of a sapphire substrate can result in dramatic strength reductions.

    This new system of cutting the precious material might just supply Apple with its sapphire demands. I don’t expect it to be ready for the iPhone 6S but we might see a full sapphire smartphone next year.

    Source: PocketNow

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!