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    August 18, 2017

    iOS 11 introduces a way to bypass Touch ID and summon emergency services

    iphone touch ID

    iOS 11 is expected to introduce a new feature where users can press a power button five times to bypass Touch ID and summon emergency services.

    Though the iPhone 8 (or iPhone Edition) is widely expected to nix Touch ID in favour of a new facial recognition feature dubbed Pearl ID, Twitter users have uncovered that iOS 11 will introduce a new means to bypass its biometric security feature in the case of emergency.

    Previously, iPhone users wishing to disable Touch ID would have to turn the feature off in settings, botch placing their finger on the sensor, or wait a period of hours or days to see their iPhone require a passcode instead.

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    The update introduces a meaningful way for iPhone users to quickly summon emergency services in the event of a crisis, and further locks out the ability for another person to potentially hold an iPhone user hostage and force their finger on their sensor to unlock their device.

    Apple has previously integrated its Health app to the iPhone’s lock screen, wherein users can complete their medical ID and have that information accessible on a locked iOS device.

    iOS’ security has been a hot topic in previous months; the FBI was forced to develop a workaround through iOS to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, and law enforcement in Michigan, US recently had to 3D-print a murder victim’s fingerprint to gain access to their device and proceed with an investigation.

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    What are your thoughts? How else could Apple make iPhones more accessible or useful during the event of an emergency? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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