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    August 6, 2013

    How to setup your US iTunes account and buy vouchers (Updated)

    We non-US Apple fans have a bad of a hard deal – all of the best media and many of the top apps just do not show up in the SA iTunes store. Even though movies and music is finally available in SA, we still do not get TV series or games. So if you are really desperate to get Angry Birds, the only way to get hold of an iTunes voucher is to make Apple believe you live in the US. Luckily that is not too hard, and I will explain to you how to do that here.

    Before you get started, you have to know that in order to buy content from the US iTunes store, you will need to buy iTunes vouchers. Your non-US credit card will not work with the US store, but luckily it is easy enough to buy vouchers through sites like WildTwig. But first you need a US iTunes store account:

    How to Open Your US iTunes Account:

    1) First off, you obviously need iTunes, and an internet connection. Grab the latest version, this guide is based on iTunes 11 and iOS6.

    2) Open iTunes, then go to the iTunes Store. On iTunes 11 you will find that with a button on the right hand side of the screen. On previous versions it can be found on the left sidebar.


    3) Make sure you are signed out of any iTunes account. Make sure the top right of the iTunes store states “Sign In”. If it is signed into another account, click on the account name, and click Sign Out.


    4) Scroll to the bottom of the iTunes Store page, and click on the country icon. This can be any country’s flag.

    5) Choose United States to see the US iTunes Store.

    6) Right now you have a better idea of what content is on the US iTunes store. It is very important to do the following exactly – go to App Store, and select any FREE app. I will repeat. Any FREE app.

    7) You will then be asked to enter your iTunes Account details. Remember, even if you have an existing iTunes account, you have  to recreate one with a different email address. If you do not have multiple email addresses, it might be best to go create one in gmail, or hotmail or whatever free email service you want.


    8) Click on Create New Account. You will be asked to agree to some terms and conditions.

    9) You need to fill in some details. Type in your name, surname, date of birth, etc.


    10) On the next screen you need to provide payment details. But in order to have a US account, you need to work with vouchers, because your credit card from another country will probably not work. So under payment type, select “None”. If “None” does not appear, it means you did something wrong, but most probably did not click a free app.

    Do not fill in any redeem code (we will get to that later).

    Under Billing Address you have to use an actual verified US address. Our best bet is to use a prominent US Hotel as your address. So maybe according to Apple you might be living in the Ritz New York, or the Beverly Hills Hotel. Just copy the address and phone number. Verbatim.

    11) Once you click next, Apple will send you a verification email. (If you set up a new email address, you will of course have to check that new email account.)

    12) Check your inbox, and open the email from Apple. From there, click on Verify Now.

    13) Once you click that link, you will be taken to a Apple webpage, where you need to reenter your new iTunes username and password. You will then be verified.

    14) Once the webpage tells you that you are verified, head on back to iTunes, and open the iTunes store again. If you are signed into your new iTunes account, you can start downloading US iTunes apps.

    If you are not signed in, it is simple. Click on the top right on Sign In, and use your new iTunes account details.


    15) Remember, this account works with vouchers, with which you need to credit your account in order to buy apps. Before you do that, you can only “buy” free apps. If you want to download movies, series or music, you will also need to purchase vouchers. But don’t worry. we will show you how.

    Buying iTunes US Vouchers:

    So there you have it, now you can access the US iTunes store without any problems. Next up – how to load credit on your iTunes account.

    We here at Bandwidth Blog don’t like to beat around the bush, so we get our iTunes vouchers from WildTwig or iEverything. Simply buy it right through their site, and give them an email address to send the Redeem Code to. Once you have the Redeem Code in your inbox, you have to go Redeem it either from your computer or your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:


    1) In iTunes, make sure you are signed into your US account. If you are not, sign out and sign in with the right account.

    2) Click on your account name, then Click On “Redeem”


    3) Go and type the Redeem code exactly into iTunes. Click on Redeem.

    4) Your Account should now be credited with the amount you purchased.


    On your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:

    1) Open the AppStore

    2) Click on Featured, and then scroll all the way to the bottom. Under Account, make sure you are logged into your iTunes account. If not, click on the account, and sign out. Then sign in with your US account.

    3) Click on Redeem.

    4) Enter your Redeem account exactly form the email your received. Alternatively, copy and paste the code.

    5) You should get a notification that your account has been credited.

    Now go ahead, and buy whatever content you want – apps, movies, TV shows, and music!

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Or you can just use http://www.myiTunes.co.za :) 

    • Neil

      I use Maximus Card for vouchers - http://www.maximuscards.com/?ref=xuryqrkxn4

      They’re the cheapest I know of!

    • Etienne

      You can also use Apple’s headquarters as your US address 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Great post and should be very helpful to all iPhone users who after purchasing their iPhone do not understand what the buzz is all about. If you are browsing the US store, you will understand!

      I personally purchase all my vouchers from epointsdelivered (requires a PayPal Account). I follow them on twitter and generally by vouchers when they are on sale (i.e. a $25 voucher for $20), regardless of whether I need them or not 🙂

    • I have an existing iTunes account and have a crap load of apps downloaded. So, if you change your location and details, you will have to change it back to update these apps, or log in with your original details.

      A better alternative for South African Users, is to change your existing country to Kenya, and add a “0” (zero) to the front of your postal code. You now have access to all apps as you would if using a US account. The only problem, you can still not download music or movies…

    • Danny Greeff

      Evopoints.co.za is still the best in my opinion.

    • Chris

      Tip for Gmail users: Gmail ignores full stops in the name portion of your email address, so mails sent to joesoap@gmail.com, Joe.soap@gmail.com and joeso.ap@gmail.com will all end up in the same mailbox. Use this when registering your US iTunes account and avoid having to create another email account just for it. I did this and both my iTunes accounts use the same email account without knowing.

    • Curious

      Doesn’t the US iTunes Store also spot the fact that your IP address is South African, negating all the other steps you have taken to get into the US iTunes Store?