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    August 7, 2017

    Tattle tale: HomePod firmware reveals an LTE Apple Watch, 4K Apple TV

    HomePod apple watch edition ceramic

    Developers have trailed through Apple’s HomePod firmware to find new mentions of a forthcoming LTE Apple Watch and 4K Apple TV set top box.

    Earlier this month, Apple faced an enormous leak of its own volition when curious developers unpacked nascent HomePod firmware to discover mentions and images depicting the company’s forthcoming iPhone 8.

    Now, developers have discovered that not only is Apple’s anniversary iPhone depicted in the HomePod’s firmware files, but further illustrations are made of two forthcoming products from the Cupertino company – namely, the presence of an LTE-enabled Apple Watch and a 4K-capable Apple TV unit.

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    iOS developer Guilherme Rambo? posted his findings on Twitter, wherein source code depicts the presence of an Apple TV unit that could support both Dolby Vision and HDR-video. The news is corroborated by the fact that Apple has recently begun listing movie titles that are available in 4K – despite only playing in 1080p or 720p – in iTunes.

    The second product depicted within the HomePod’s files is that of an LTE-enabled Apple Watch; the first such wearable produced by Apple that would supposedly work on a mobile network and – further – may well work independently of an iPhone.

    A string found within the HomePod’s firmware files points to a GizmoRadioBundleIdentifier, – a development which is again corroborated by the fact that the Apple Watch 3 reportedly bears the internal codename ‘Gizmo’.

    It remains unknown where either an LTE-enabled Apple Watch or 4K-compatible Apple TV set-top box sit on Apple’s launch pipeline; the Cupertino company is expected to release an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus pairing followed by the premium iPhone 8 in either September or November this year, giving Apple plenty of time to announce either new product before the end of the year or at the start of 2018.

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