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    July 16, 2015

    Apple refreshes its iPod line

    Yesterday saw Apple refresh its iPod lineup for the first time since 2012 – bringing a host of small improvements to the iPod touch.

    The iPod Touch – which many are now referring to sardonically as the iPhone Lite – has been granted an 8 megapixel camera (up from 5) as well as a 64bit processor alongside a new “M” motion co-processing unit. The Touch also retains its 4″ form factor, and arrives out-of-the-box with iOS 8.

    The company have also introduced new colour options to the Shuffle, Nano, and Touch lines – all three models are now available in space gray, gold and silver (as with the current iPhone 6) as well as pink and blue.

    Interestingly, the iPod Nano retains its pre-iOS 7 aesthetic, and – perhaps unsurprisingly as the model lacks Wi-Fi connectivity- doesn’t offer access to Apple’s recently launched streaming service, Apple Music.

    The top of the line iPod Touch will sell for $199 USD at 16GBs, $249 for 32GBs, $299 for 64GBs and $299 for 128GBs following price cut last year.

    Apple’s overall decision to refresh the iPod line is an interesting one considering a fading consumer interest in the music player versus the popularity of smartphones as digital jukeboxes. Further, Apple itself has even seen fit to replace the traditional iPod page on its website to promote Apple Music.


    The entirety of Apple’s iPod lineup is now available in silver pink, gold, blue, space grey and Product(RED)

    However, despite this, recent news has highlighted that the iPod still enjoys a modicum of interest across the web – even charting even higher in terms of Google search requests versus the Apple Watch. This follows from news that sales of the Apple Watch have slumped dramatically.

    Whether Apple will ultimately continue to market the iPod line into the future remains in question, though the line refresh indicates the company still very much intends to market the product for a while further.





    Listen in to our latest podcast!