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    February 14, 2017

    Apple just joined the same wireless charging standard Samsung uses

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    Apple has formally joined the wireless power consortium behind the Qi wireless charging standard, the same option that Samsung uses for its high-end phones.

    If you’ve used a phone that supports wireless charging before, you might be aware that one of the difficulties with the medium is that there are multiple formats for wireless charging, and not all manufacturers support them. One such example is the ‘Qi’ standard, which Samsung has used in past high-end Galaxy S handsets.

    While speculation has grown that Apple is working to introduce wireless charging on its next iPhone, many have speculated that the company would develop its own standard to use across other devices such as the iPad.

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    That speculation comes from prior comment from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has openly dismissed the current idea of wireless charging as futile as the system relies on tethering a mobile device to a charging pad instead of connecting it to a wire – hence, the system isn’t truly wireless.

    In a surprising move, Apple has now become a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, which is committed to the development of one particular wireless standard; Qi. Apple joins other companies such as Samsung, LG, and HTC in this regard.

    While that news might well shoot speculation that Apple is developing its own wireless charging standard in the foot, it’s not all negative. Qi’s latest Quick Charge technology enables mobile devices to benefit from five hours of battery life from just a five minute charge, meaning that if we don’t see true wireless charging on board the iPhone 8, it’ll at least charge a great deal faster.

    Apple has formally confirmed its involvement with the Wireless Power Consortium, though the company has yet to clarify if it plans to integrate Qi into any of its devices in the near future.

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