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    March 6, 2017

    Apple has reportedly met with Paramount Pictures and Sony over a “transformative acquisition”

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    A new report has revealed that Apple has pre-emptively met with Paramount Pictures and Sony’s TV and Film teams over a new “transformative acquisition”

    Over the past year, Apple has dipped its toes into self-produced audio and video content, at first directing Apple Music debuts for artists such as Pharrell Williams, to later producing its first two television series, Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke.

    Now, a new report cites that Eddy Cue has met with Paramount Pictures and Sony’s TV and film teams in a new bid for a “transformative acquisition” that would see the Cupertino company acquire production studios rather than purchasing content.

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    The news comes after a separate report indicated that the company was planning to purchase Time Warner last year, though that deal later fell through.  While it remains uncertain as to what content direction the company could pursue, hints abound in the fact that the firm has readily pursued expanding Apple Music into more than just a service.

    Given the fact that Planet of the Apps will debut on the company’s TV platform, while Carpool Karaoke will remain exclusive to its Music offering, it would seem that Apple is readily seeking an expansion into digital media to expand its services portfolio; one of the company’s fastest-growing divisions.

    The addition of self-produced media such as television shows, films, or shorts could help propel Apple’s service industry into more than an optional subscription offering to consumers who pick up an iPad, iPhone or MacBook; rather, the company could provide its customers with self-produced media as an enticing selling point over competing platforms.

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    What are your thoughts? Should Apple pursue a venture in self-producing media, or is the company overextending itself beyond its traditional intent of selling consumer electronics? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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