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    August 17, 2017

    Apple is set to tackle Netflix with a $1 billion into original content

    apple tv original content

    A new report has highlighted that Apple is earmarking a one billion dollar investment into original programming.

    2017 marked the year that Apple decided to dip its toes into the realm of original content with the likes of Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apps, and now a new report by the Wall Street Journal has shown that the firm is readying a $1 billion USD investment into original programming.

    The company has (oddly) limited its past efforts in original programming to Apple Music as opposed to Apple TV, and the firm’s reinvigorated bid could see it compete with the likes of Facebook, which recently premiered its new Watch platform.

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    The report indicates that Apple would intend to leverage iTunes as the central destination for its original programming, giving the company a wide reach of over one billion potential consumers.

    The Journal reports that Apple intends to test the waters in a bid that may well one day see it compete with Netflix, which reportedly has funnelled $6 billion USD into the creation of its own original programming.

    The difficulty for Apple going ahead will be to create a platform that, while tasting success, doesn’t alienate other streaming partners; for instance, Apple nets 15% of transactions when consumers sign up for HBO GO or Netflix through the iOS App Store.

    There is presently little insight into what forms of content Apple foresees itself producing; the company has previously favoured episodic television series, and beyond that realm has ingratiated itself to popular music artists by creating original content exclusively available to Apple Music subscribers.

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    What are your thoughts? Should Apple venture into producing its own programming, or should the company put its head down and continue with its work in both software and hardware? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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