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    March 15, 2017

    Concepts: What could Apple’s anniversary iPhone look like?

    anniversary iphone concepts

    With Apple’s anniversary iPhone on the horizon, what could the device look like? We browse through some of our favourite, rumour-backed concepts for answers!

    Each year we’re inundated with lofty concept images depicting what the future of Apple’s iPhone could look like, and many of those concepts have traditionally featured a near-impossible slice of the future. However, with the reveal of Apple’s anniversary iPhone inbound, rumours have finally begun to offer some corroboration as to what the Cupertino Company’s next handset could look like.

    While Samsung’s rival Galaxy S8 has leaked from just about every orifice ahead of its launch, we’ve seen comparatively little of Apple’s vaunted anniversary iPhone. Before we begin listing our favourite concepts, let’s take a look at what rumours suggest the next iPhone could look like:

    A near bezel-less display

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    According to both tipster Ming-Chi Kuo and Mac Otakara, Apple is seeking to secure materials and technologies to begin mass production of the iPhone Edition; the handset would feature the near bezel-less display and function area that has dominated early reports, while the iPhone 7s or 8 duo might be more conservative devices in line with what we’ve seen previously from Apple.

    USB Type-C support

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    The Wall Street Journal has proceed to set the internet alight with a new report that posits that not only will that be the case with Apple’s next iPhone, but that the handset will further pivot to adopt a USB Type-C port instead of the classic Lightning connector used on the iPhone 5 and upwards.

    A touch-sensitive ‘function area’

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    A report from DigiTimes cites that Apple will replace the present capacitive form of TouchID with a “built-in fingerprint sensor device”. It is hence alleged that the next iPhone will shed its Home button in favour of a ‘function area’ that will operate similarly to the Touch Bar found on the new MacBook Pro.

    Wireless charging, at last!

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    Apple is now a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, which is committed to the development of one particular wireless standard; Qi. Apple joins other companies such as Samsung, LG, and HTC in this regard. While Apple has formally confirmed its involvement with the Wireless Power Consortium, the company has yet to clarify if it plans to integrate Qi into any of its devices in the near future.

    iphone 8 concept

    The concepts

    Going all-in on glass

    An early iPhone 8 concept video, created by Arthur Reis, takes a look at what the iPhone could look like if equipped with a rumoured OLED display that extends from edge-to-edge.

    Though this might be closer to what many concept videos have imagined in the past, Reis’ concept retains what appears to be a capacitive home button and features the dual-camera setup found on the iPhone 7 Plus.

    Reis’ concept images “AirCharger” – Apple’s own wireless charging standard. It has previously been rumoured that Apple has been developing ‘true’ wireless charging, though the fact that the company has joined the Wireless Power Consortium casts some dispersion on that idea.

    Keeping the Home button

    While many rumours have alleged that the anniversary iPhone will be the first to launch without a capacitive home button, AlHasan Husni’s concept video takes a look at a future where the iPhone sports little in the way of side bezels, but retains a top and bottom chin.

    Husni’s concept further demonstrates what an iPhone could look like with a curved display that extends edge-to-edge; while some rumours have suggested that Apple would follow Samsung’s Edge series in this regard, others have remained adamant that the anniversary iPhone would sport a standard 2.5D display.

    Husni’s video further depicts a front-firing speaker placed beneath the home button – a potential feature which has not been widely referenced. In keeping with the iPad Pro, Apple may choose to debut corner-mounted speakers on its anniversary iPhone.

    The future is touch?

    A concept video created by Sahanan Yogarasa is the first look we’ve seen at what an iPhone could look like should it arrive equipped with a touch-sensitive function display.

    Some rumours have alleged that Apple may force its TouchID sensor beneath glass, and Yogarasa’s concept runs with this idea in the form of an indentation that sits atop the function area.

    Yogarasa’s concept envisions a function area that might be used for utility, similar in the manner that Apple’s Control Center provides consistent functions such as the ability to toggle music playback, change screen brightness and more.

    Have your say!

    What are your thoughts? Which iPhone concept is your favourite? What features would you like to see aboard Apple’s anniversary iPhone? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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