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    October 13, 2017

    Microsoft Edge becomes available in preview on the Google Play Store

    microsoft edge android

    Microsoft Edge has now been released in Preview on Android through the Google Play Store, following suit from last week’s TestFlight release on iOS.

    Microsoft, of late, has begun porting some of its best features over to the likes of iOS and Android – just last week the company rebranded its Arrow Launcher as the official Microsoft Launcher for Android, and now everyone’s favourite Chrome installation utility, Edge, can be downloaded for Google’s mobile OS in preview mode.

    The announcement comes exactly one week after Edge made the leap to iOS through a TestFlight launch to some 10,000 users, and as of today Android users looking to test out Android’s newest browser can head here.

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    Edge isn’t just another pretty face destined to languish in the back file of the Play Store; the app comes laden with Microsoft’s Continue on PC feature, which will enable consumers to perform one action within the browser on their phone and later migrate to their PC as they would through Apple’s Continuity.

    Edge for Android further supports Data Sync (cross-device favourites and reading list synchronization), a QR Code Reader, Reading View, Voice Search, and InPrivate browsing.

    Given that the app is presently in preview, Microsoft will likely introduce more features to the client as time goes on. The debut of the browser is significant, in that Microsoft’s app repertoire on Android continues to grow to the point that we may one day see devices branded similarly to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition, with Redmond’s software pre-loaded.

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