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    October 9, 2015

    This Android-powered Light L16 has sixteen cameras

    Cameras on smartphones have become extremely advanced over the last couple of years. The pace at which they have developed has been staggering, both in terms of pixel counts as well as improved light sensitivity and colour accuracy. A trend we have seen with some manufacturers lately has been a dual-camera setup.

    The two sensors allow the phones to use their combined power to help focus, bump up the resolution of picture artificially and perform some special effects. Recently, we heard that Samsung is also experimenting with this setup.

    Now, though, there is a new startup betting on using more than two cameras to offer even more impressive shots. A lot more, actually“¦

    The Light L16, which is Android-powered, is armed with sixteen distinct camera modules. You could probably call this a camera more than a smartphone, but since it runs Android, the tech overlap we‘re seeing (it even looks a bit like a phone) this is definitely one camera that piques our interest.

    According to the company, it won‘t use all sixteen modules at one. They are configured for a variety of focal lengths, and the camera only works with a subset of them at any given time, gathering data from the ten most useful sensors when you go to take a shot. It then fuses shots from the different modules together into a 52MP picture.

    As you can imagine, it is a bit more expensive than most of us can afford, costing $1700. We wonder how long it will be before mainstream smartphone manufacturers really jump into this technology to bring something similar to its own handsets.

    Source: Re/code

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    Listen in to our latest podcast!