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    July 16, 2013

    HTC targets Galaxy Note 3 with One Max

    Samsung started a new market for smartphones with the introduction of the Galaxy Note, and it has been wildly successful. Competitors soon followed to compete in the “˜phablet‘ market, with LG launching the Optimus Vu which never took hold of any market share and Sony will be launching the Xperia Z Ultra in the months to come. Now there is rumoured to be another competitor on its way, the HTC One Max.

    The new 6-inch smartphone from HTC will not be sporting more or less the same internals as the HTC One (as Samsung does with the Galaxy S range and the Galaxy Note), but will house a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip with 2GB of RAM, 64GB storage and a 3200mAh battery. It is expected to launch in September according to sources familiar with HTC‘s plans.

    The September release window pits the One Max directly against the expected launch for the Galaxy Note 3, which, if Samsung holds to its tradition of introducing a new Note at IFA every year, should be announced at the beginning of the month. While there’s no information on whether and how the HTC One Max might support handwriting input, that feature has been one of the key attractions of Samsung’s Note devices and is a major feature on Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra. We can just imagine that HTC will follow a similar strategy.

    What do you think about the on-going trend of very large smartphones?

    Source: Mobile Geeks

    Listen in to our latest podcast!

    • Earl

      Love my note 2, Don’t think I’ll go back to smaller(normal) cellphones.

    • Ced

      If the built will be like the One, then I’m keen. If only HTC would address the shortcomings of the One in the One Max, I’m sure it will sell…

      I checked out the preview of Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra: it’s great, but doesn’t have a flash! Really? Why can’t we (consumers) have the best product that they (mobile manufacturers) can make? There’s always something missing! Something that another product has…

    • Deon1973

      I agree Earl. I have a Note2 and will maybe trade it for the Note3.