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    February 13, 2017

    Google accidentally releases Google Assistant on several non-Pixel phones

    Google Assistant non-pixel phones

    An accidental release of an alpha version of the Google app to several non-Pixel phones has inadvertently brought with it Google Assistant.

    How’s this for a healthy surprise? You happily enjoy life on your non-Pixel Android phone, and subscribe to the latest Alpha updates for the Google app. One morning, you wake up to the latest version of the app and lo and behold find Google Assistant sitting right inside your smartphone.

    Up until now, Google Assistant has been locked to the Google-made Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, neither of which are available in South Africa. While the LG G6 is rumoured to be the first smartphone to benefit from the AI assistant, the accidental release of the feature might well have revealed what older devices it could be heading to.

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    While the alpha release of Google Assistant is naturally buggy, the interesting news is that it has made its way to the Nexus 6PSamsung Galaxy Note 5, and Alcatel Idol 4. Reports of other devices that have received the feature are presently trickling in.

    Whether the mentioned phones will ever finally benefit from a full version of Google Assistant remains a subject for debate or investigation, an interesting slice of news is that the settings for Assistant references only Pixel phones, indicating that the alpha roll-out was indeed a mistake.

    It remains somewhat unlikely that Google would proceed to jump the gun and launch a full roll-out of Assistant, which is one of the primary selling points of its own twin handsets, the Pixel and Pixel XL.

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    If you really want to try Assistant, you can experience Google’s latest AI endeavour by downloading the Allo chat app.

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